Hebei Zhongfeitong Network Technology CO. LTD

To make waste business easier!

Hebei Zhongfeitong Network Technology CO. LTD was set up at 2004, with HQ at Shijiazhuang, is a group-like internet company. With more than 400 employees, the company has branches, offices and professional customer service platforms distributing in the United States, German, Shanghai, Xi 'an. In recent years, the company has been swiftly developing. Its four major Internet trading platforms including ‘Feijiu.net,' ‘Jupai.net,' ‘ZaiSuBao,' and ‘ErJiu Second-hand Equipment Mall' have gradually formed a three-dimensional network segmented into the renewable resources industry pattern.Zhongfeitong used to be awarded ‘New and high tech enterprise’, ‘Industry informatization organizing mode company’, ‘TOP100 vertical-field e-commerce websites in China’, ‘TOP50 trustworthy e-commerce websites in China’, ‘Leading award in renewable resources industry’, ‘ Top100 staple commodity e-commerce websites in China ’. In 2018, the company was selected by the ministry of commerce as a typical case of the new recycling mode of renewable resources.

Four independent platforms

  • feijiu

    Feijiu (www.feijiu.net)

    Feijiu, only for waste trading

    Feijiu (www.feijiu.net)
    Feijiu was set up in September, 2004. It has been grown as one of the most influential waste industry website in China now. Feijiu is a waste industry web portals which has been developing for a long time. Now it is also a waste asset transaction platform with a global influence.


    JUPAI (www.jupai.net)

    JUPAI, only for waste trading

    Jupai (www.jupai.net)
    Jupai mainly services used equipment, waste metal, waste paper, waste plastics,within which are several main areas: Scrap materials auction, equipment auction, real estate auction, asset auction, equity claims. Real-time bidding information and auction notices of large domestic group companies are released.


    ZAISUBAO (www.zaisubao.com)

    ZAISUBAO, only for waste trading

    ZaiSuBao (www.zaisubao.com)
    ZaiSuBao is devoted to renewable plastics industry. We have five categories, including waste plastics, regenerated particles, plastic additives, recycled plastic processing equipment and plastic products factory. We offer real-time supply and demand information, industrial news and related editorial comments. At present, with the registered members top up to 550 thousand, more than 1 million information and business opportunities, we have the confidence to develop in a fast speed with the expanding brand influence.


    ERJIU (www.erjiu.com)

    ERJIU, only for waste trading

    ErJiu (www.erjiu.com)
    The value of Erjiu is ‘Dedication, empathy, focus, innovation, win-win’. To solve the problem of global used equipment purchasing, ErJiu adopt Internet+ model, integrating global second-hand equipment resources, focusing on second-hand equipment trading, consulting and other services. Through professional operation, improve the user experience, promote the reuse of idle assets worldwide, increase the circulation speed of used equipment, reduce the secondary manufacturing of equipment, reduce the level of resource consumption, and contribute to the construction of a green earth that is energy-saving and emission-reducing, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Corporate culture

  • Our position: Global waste industry service provider
  • Our mission: To make waste business easier!
  • Our value: Devoted, comprehensive, dedicated, innovative, all-win.

Corporate culture

  • 1.Be like a family: love each, be thankful, be tolerant, be kind. Give as a family member and admire our family. Only with height can we have understanding and tolerance.
  • 2.Be like an army: Obey orders, act under commands, executive force, combat effectiveness, unity and cooperation, strict system, no excuses. It's all or nothing.
  • 3.Be like a school: Study hard and make progress everyday. Respect the teacher, treasure the colleague. The study days are every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Corporate philosophy

  • 1. To be a man: Learn to be thankful, be ready to give, eager for win-win;
  • 2. To employ: Treasure the employees who are competent and virtuous, support the employees who are not competent but virtuous, try not to employ those who are not competent nor virtuous.
  • 3. To lead a life: Be sample and happy, stay healthy and keep developing!
  • 4. To manage the mood: Empty yourself, insist on studying. Keep on going to the end.
  • 5. To service: Acknowledge your customer to get the accurate demand. Respect your customer and service with enthusiasm.
  • 6. To grow: Only high requirements and high standards will create qualified growth!
  • 7. On payment: Able person always get more.
  • 8. On leadership: Care and be thankful to employee. Set yourself as a example.
  • 9. Reasonable return: Take the result as the measurement standard, more pains, more gains.
  • 10. On management: Strict is love, yielding is harmful.
  • 11. Execution philosophy: actions create results. Obey commands, act quickly.
  • 12.Start a business together: believe in the dream and insist on it. We can finally realize the dream and share shares and dividends!
  • 13. Enterprise vision: to become a global waste industry service provider.
  • 14. Corporate mission: to make waste business easier!